Café Europe on the road in Bosnia

Glej Theatre team on its way to Mostar.

Glej Theatre from Slovenia ended its summer on the road in the Balkans. Our ID: Babylon local production Café Europe was invited to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A wonderful city, once famous for its multiculturalism that was later torn apart by civil war in beginning of the nineties, seemed a perfect setting for a play that addresses current situation of division in European Union.

From Café Europe performance in Mostar.

We were invited to show our work at UWCiM (United World College in Mostar). It was established in 2006 with a mission to contribute to the reconstruction of post-conflict society and maintaining peace in a country. The college is implementing recognizable model of post-conflict education, practically demonstrating a convincing, fully integrated curriculum. Their arts courses focuses on visual and theatre programme.

Slovenian ID: Babylon is rehearsing its performance in Bosnia.

Café Europe is a symbolic site of European Union, contemporary Babel in which identities live together in different contexts: some with the other, some pass by the other, and some fight against each other. Café Europe gives a voice to the generation that was robbed of it. It is a brutal confrontation with existential and social questions of national and European identity, social norms and structural place of young people in our societies. We were interested to see, how the audience in Mostar will react to the play addressing contemporary youth issues that are felt across the continent, despite perhaps taking different shapes and offering different answers.

We felt honoured that performance was sold out, so we played another one on the site. We are coming away from the trip full of impressions and open questions regarding the European identity, future of Europe, providing lasting peace and not encouraging politics of hate, and the role of youth in these processes that we shared with our friends in Mostar.

Glej technical and mentor support to the young artists on the tour.

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