Won’t Curdle With Us On Tour

A Trip to Ostrava

Within the framework of the European project ID: Babylon we went to Ostrava (Czech Republic) to perform our play Won’t Curdle With Us at The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre (Národní divadlo moravskoslezské v Ostravě). We were hosted by the Ateliér pro děti a mládež při NDM organization.

The institution came into being in September 2012 but they started working continuously in September 2015. Since then they have created several performances, one to mention is the collage Hamlet Is Not Dead, created by a group of 12 students from 11 to 15 years old. For them, a highlight of the project was in September 2018, when they became a part of the theatre repertory and performed the play Punk Rock by British author Simon Stephens three times for schools.

Beside Ateliér pro děti a mládež the NDM includes two more studios for youngsters’ ballet and opera. The ballet studio has a long tradition in theatre, as it was founded in 1979. Many outstanding dancers and educators have worked there during its existence. The studio concept is based on complex movement and dance development. Teachers mainly focus on classical dance, folk dance, improvisation and gymnastics. The opera studio was founded in 1994. During the existence of the studio, their students performed in a number of operas, operettas, ballet musicals and dramas. They also work on individual projects.

The trip to Ostrava was a great learning experience.  Young people from both countries shared their knowledge and quality time together. After an in-depth discussion about our show, we were invited to watch a rehearsal of their operatic play, which was a stellar piece of work. We were thrilled by the quality of their production, and their devotion to their work with young artists. We were delighted to be part of this fulfilling project.

XII Rapassage Fest Ub (Serbia)

Besides the trip in Ostrava, we were invited to perform our play Won’t Curdle With Us at the XII Rapassage fest Ub (Serbia), which hosts the best amateur shows in the former Yugoslavia. We were proud to be invited, especially because the festival it is not only for young people but for the best amateur plays in the country. We won two awards:  Nejka Berce Čeligoj – Award for Best Female Lead and Borut Petrović – Diploma for Actor of the Day.

Festival of Young Culture Vizije

In Slovenia, we were chosen to be part of the Festival of Young Culture Vizije. The festival includes around ten of the best Slovenian youth theatre productions. Jakob Šfiligoj and Borut Petrović, who both play main roles, won a Visionary award for the best actors.

Written by Tereza Gregorič.

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